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08-10-10, 10:38 AM
Future diorama that I am researching now!1gramps1

08-10-10, 10:40 AM
This diorama will be for me! Long before other models came into my life their was my American Flyer train ,that I played with for years just on the floor, more than 60 years ago now.
Sergio gave an interview once and told of how his interest in the old west was developed in his childhood probably about 10 years before mine.Like he did I went to the movies and sucked in all that old west mythology,then came home and played out the scenes with my buds or my model train.
As I reach my 70's it seems that I want to re-connect with my long gone childhood and play with my trains again.gringrin

08-10-10, 10:42 AM
Because I will be working in G scale I have changed my plans and probably do a Swee****er Station diorama.The boardwalk ,the train and no figures.This will be strictly a mood piece with no direct storyline.I plan it as a tribute to my favorite film and its director.
I just plan to use the sound of the idling train with the music from the film dubbed in. Maybe even build it into a box with a DVD player dedicated just to this.also may include some mood lighting as an evening scene.Any way we will see what develops.
Any one who has seen the film will be able to create their own storyline in their imagination. 1gramps1

08-10-10, 10:44 AM

08-19-10, 10:14 AM
Things to consider

The General locomotive kit is 1/25th scale.The closest thing to that is G or 1/24 scale.

The General was originally designed for 5 foot track but changed to narrow gauge in the 1890's

When I get the kit I will have to measure what is on there now.If it is G can I use LGB Durago and Silverton rolling stock? What about their other rolling stock is it all narrow gauge?Is it possible to change the trucks only to G scale?If not then I could modify the locomotive I guess.

I don't mind using a little artistic license with all of this after all Sergio's trains in the film were Spanish dressed up to look American.

Any ideas? thanks.