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07-07-15, 01:05 PM
Hi Everyone, my first attempt at submitting something to this site. I owned a 1952 Triumph 500 back in high school and chopped it but ran out of money. I took this project to where I wanted to go with the real thing. I ended up kit bashing a Honda 750 for some of the detail parts. Rims, disc brake etc. The bike is done now and I'm presently working on a base and figure to display it with. DeBack

Dr Dave
07-10-15, 06:49 AM
Very nice model DeBack. I can see lots of detail in there that doesn't come in a kit, and I can tell this is not you're first model. I'd like to know a bit more about the build process (extra parts used, how you did the heat stains on the pipes, etc. etc.) And that ain't no kit chain there. Photo etch?

07-10-15, 12:44 PM
Thanks Dr.Dave, yes your right this isn't my first model, I've been building my entire adult life! The parts I robbed from the Honda kit were the front dampers, rear tire, both rims, front rotor, caliper, master cylinder, reservoir and mirror. I read somewhere (maybe this site!) that the Revell Triumph is more 1/7 scale, I found the 19"/18" tires and rims were interchangeable. As for the heat stains on the pipes I used eye shadow as it was the only thing I could find that would stick to the polished aluminum. The chain is 1/9 scale from Cosmos Factory. It was almost a perfect match in pitch to the kit supplied blob. I made new centre rollers out of 1/32"O.D. tubing and finally gave up on .020" brass pins and went with plastic melted with a soldering to hold it all together. I approached this project the same as the Alfa, every plastic nut and bolt was shaved off and replaced with the real thing. DDB28595285962859728598285992860028601

07-10-15, 01:18 PM
Maybe now's the time to show the inspiration for this project. Taken in the spring of 1970 I was still 17 and in Gr. 12. Check out the # 49 license plate. Back then everyone changed their license plates at the same time in the province. There were 48 ahead of me! Times have changed. The other pics are from a magazine from the time. I used these as styling cues for the project. Dave28603286042860528608

07-15-15, 04:22 PM
It's finished! Anyone have any sources for good 1/8 scale figures? I ended up using "Black Widow" from the Avengers, just modified her arm to reach the throttle and removed her utility belt. DDB28664

Dr Dave
07-18-15, 07:38 AM
VERY nice work David. The finished scene looks just right (complete with weeds in the kerb).1thumbup11clap1
Thanks for the explanation on the build process. I'll be looking into that Cosmos chain for sure, and that was good problem solving using plastic instead of brass pins.
I haven't heard of any 1/8th scale figures anywhere but if I do I'll let you know. I've got 3 1/6th scale figures now for my Harley's thanks to Camwader.

07-19-15, 10:51 PM
Thanks Dr. Dave: I pick up the glass case for it tomorrow. I used "Larry" from the 3 Stooges for my Alfa and bought Black Widow for Pocher's F40 from Ebay. Will probably pick up another as I robbed her for this project. I made the mistake of looking in anime figures. Yikes! I found one Japanese Formula 1 driver but they wanted close to $300 so I'll have to stick with the plastic models for figures. DDB

12-31-15, 02:51 PM
Great work. Glad you were able to build your high school bike if a little smaller.