View Full Version : some cool 1/16 I picked up

Hemi Killer
06-25-10, 10:01 PM
I got a few lucky breaks on Ebay this week. I recieved this first kit today, the other is coming next week.

both of these cars, no one bid at all, so i got them for the starting bid, baffles me.

1. Fujimi Ferrari F40 GTE $45
2. MiniCraft 32 Ford Highboy. $20

the F40 wont be built for a while, this is pretty much my holy grail kit, I also got two more F40 race cras, but 1/24. I want to make this one perfect.

the 32 Ford I am actually going to buy the unchopped 31 couple resin body from that guy that was mentioned in another post. I'll post pics of the ford I wanna build when I scan it.

hot ford coupe
06-25-10, 11:42 PM
Looks like you walked away with a good haul. They sound like fantastic prices.

06-26-10, 12:31 AM
Iv'e gotten lucky a couple times off of ebay.. I bid on a sealed late '90's release of the BiG Deuce kit. Got it for 40 bucks with free shipping. This was a limited production kit of only 4000 units made... It was also molded in white styrene plastic... I was a happy camper with that deal..1yeah11yeah11yeah1 Another deal I got was when I bought my new 1/6 RC '41 Willys for 19.95 plus 20 bucks for shipping. That was a dang good deal also. 1yeah11yeah11yeah1

06-26-10, 07:53 AM
Nice score! Love the F40!