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    Dear Large Scale Modeling Enthusiast:

    We are pleased to announce that the Twenty-Second GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention, presented by the International Model Car Builders’ Museum, will be held at the Sheraton City Centre Hotel in Salt Lake City (the same location as in 2007). As you may know, the Championship no longer mails documents to everyone because of the high cost of printing and mailing.

    We’ve just published three web documents so you can learn more about GSL-XXII: the GSL Convention Manual, a picture-rich “GSL Highlights,” and the tentative GSL -XXII Schedule. These documents contain all the information on the twenty-second Championship, and can be found on the website: http:/ and then click on “Late Breaking News” where you’ll find all three documents under the February 1, 2009 date. The PRE-REGISTRATION and PRE-ORDER forms are also there as links.

    We urge you to download and read these important documents about the upcoming GSL Championship.

    For more info go to: Late Breaking New News or contact me (htrdrnu) via pm.

    See you here in April!


    Mark S. Gustavson and Brian Dees

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    Gang...if there is any way possible that you can attend or participate in a GSL event you will be wearing a grin and feeling warm and fuzzy for days. If you can't attend please do a little Googling and check it out. Mark and Brian are good people and you will be amazed at what you find. There are things tucked away (like the Carl Casper "Ghost") model that never went into production tucked away in the vaults if you look. Skip that re-run of an old Sci-Fi movie and go beat on the keyboard.
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    I'm heading there right now. How did you know I was watching the sci fi channel?
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  4. A couple of Slammers members will be there wish I could go !!
    It's a fine line between stupid and cleaver....
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