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  1. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Fellow members....
    This is the place to display your "finished entries" for judging and prize awards.
    Please post at least 6 photos of your entry along with your name and a description of what you have done, also any special details that you want to bring to the judges attention.

    This thread is for the judges to eyeball your "finished" entries, (no member chatter please) if you would like to post more than 6 pics, please put them in the gallery and refer the judges there or to the build thread if you did one one. The judges or Admin. may post or ask specific questions in this thread if they feel they need more info on your entry.

    If as the contest closes (the last week), you find that you are not able to finish your model in what have completed to eligible for one of the drawings.
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    Here are some photos of the 1911 Model T Racer 1/8th Scale Scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos as a tutorial for this site. To see all the build photos view the posted tutorial.


    Special features include the hand crank turns the engine with pistons moving up and down, geared to camshaft that opens the valves in scale; through the transmission and universal joint and rear axle to turn the rear wheels. Hand brake operates the the rear wheel brakes. Steering turns front wheels. Full functioning suspension. Wheels are wood spokes compression fitted and demountable with clinchers per original. Trunk has spares and lower half under tray holds the sound board of the engine starting and running for 60 seconds. Seats are padded and upholstered with goatskin leather, stirrup is rawhide leather. Gas and timing levers are spring loaded and turn on steering column. Floorboards are cherry and bodywork is all aluminum. The model can be completely disassembled to major parts. The moto meter was designed after the logo for this site.
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  3. Frank's Avatar Active Member
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    I guess I posted my photos in the wrong place so here they are again. I built this Cord from from two junk parts kits I got on Ebay. THe hardest part was making the gears to rool the windows up & down they were missing. There are more photos in my gallery.

    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-1937-cord-810-001-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-1937-cord-810-002-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-1937-cord-810-003-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-1937-cord-810-004-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-1937-cord-810-007-jpg 

  4. Rick's Avatar Member
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    For those of you who are participating in the show, this thread is where you must post your entry for judging.

    Reminder, in order to qualify for a primary prize, your entry MUST be 1/16th or larger and be automotive related. Entry's do not have to be finished. In addition to photos, please provide a short description of the build.

    NOTE: in order to keep it fair for all participants without influencing judging, please limit this thread to participant posts only. (see Don's comments above)

    You can start posting entries anytime.........
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  5. A few words about my model...95% scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos , using only chassis rails (extensively modified) and engine block from the Revell SMC show/contest finished photos kit. Extensive research on prototypes conducted prior to build, using magazines, aftermarket equipment catalogs and pictures taken at the Chicago Hot SMC show/contest finished photos Rod show in 2002.

    More than 300 parts were machined out of brass and stainless steel, then chrome plated SMC show/contest finished photos and assembled during a 2.5 year period. More than 500 bolts, nuts and connectors used throughout the model. Estimated 2,000+hours of work. Model won the highly coveted "Hermanos Rodriguez" prize as best car of show (of any scale) at the Mexican Nationals a couple of years back...since then, many improvements have been added.

    Engine is a modeled after a Roush 427, 560 HP, 540 lb-ft-torque, Shelby aluminum block, custom fuel injection and magna-blower. March serpentyne system, Tremec tranny and 9" rear end. The chassis is a dropped front axle version modeled after a Fatman custom piece, with Heidt's suspension and Billet Specialties parts throughout. Steering box is a modeled after a 140 series Vega box with a Flaming River column... the list goes on and on....

    Thanks for organizing this contest...I hope you enjoy my model ... it was a blast to build !!!!!

    Please visit my gallery for more pictures !!!!
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-picture-5-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_0124-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_0059-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_0096-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_0097-jpg 
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  6. Oldschool's Avatar Active Member
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    Finished, 1/8 scale 1929 Model A sedan. Completely scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos body, with chopped top, channeled over a scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos Model A boxed frame, stepped up front and rear , with Lindberg front axle and rear-end. Scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos cross steering and a Lindberg Ford Y_Block with home made headers and exhaust which exits through the body, tail lights mounted on top of the exhaust pipes. Wooden firewall, floor and seat, custom made gas tank mounted in the rear of car. Model T grill shell. Painted whitewall tires and a red primer SMC show/contest finished photos paint job on the body.

    This model is a clone of a Hotrod I remember in my hometown in 1962. Many emails with the original owner, who still owns the car today.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-29sedan-9-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-29sedan-8-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-29sedan-7-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-29sedan-6-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-29sedan-5-jpg 

  7. Bigdad's Avatar Active Member
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    This is my entry a 1/8 scale Bat Rod I was going to build my Big Deuce as a rat rod but I remembered that I had an old 1/8 scale Batman model in my closet and thought why not. I added a bat cowl to the radiator housing and a fin to the trunk lid. I also got a lot of help from the good folks here at Scalemotorcars with Batmobile parts and some great advice.


  8. strevo's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Well, unfortunately it looks like I'm going to run out of time on this one. My plan was to build the paper model first in its original scale of 1/30 to get a handle on the process since I hadn't ever built a paper model before, and then scale up the plans, add detail and build it in 1/12 scale. I managed to finish the small one, but haven't had time to get to the large scale version. I won't be eligible for the judging, but I figured I post what I have anyway. All in all, it was a fun project, although I must admit that working in paper is harder than it would seem. I ended up with a bit of a glue bomb SMC show/contest finished photos and some ragged edges, but I think it came out ok for my first one.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-base_sheet-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-top_sheet-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-base_cutout-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-top_cutout-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-assembly_1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-body_1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_front_1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_top-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_rear_1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_rear_2-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_side_1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-finished_side_2-jpg 
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  9. Hello All,
    I have been working on and just got done with my Tamiya SMC show/contest finished photos Tyrrell. My kit was bought a long time ago after I found that this kit was available. Of course it got stuck in the "to build" pile for a long time. It was great to find out about this site and contest and this got the ball rolling. I've added turned aluminum intakes and tire valves. The engine and brake system has had all the plumbing SMC show/contest finished photos run. The seat belt hardware are resin SMC show/contest finished photos parts from Replica and Minatures of Maryland. I made my own seat belts. The color is a radio control paint made by practa that I felt was the closest to the color of the 1:1 SMC show/contest finished photos car.
    Now...... I seem to be haveing a little trouble posting pictures since I have not done it before and I should of tried this before. All my pictures are posted here..

    [url=]Tamiya 1/12 Tyrrell album | Modelerchuck |, photo and video sharing made easy

    Rear 3/4



    Drive train

    Nose detail

    Body panels off

    front 3/4

    Hope this is right. Any help with posting future pictures would be appriciated
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  10. Rick's Avatar Member
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    I'll be entering two and possibly three unfinished builds. These are show only, I'm not in competition.

    My first entry is this Willys coupe. Most of you have seen it before but for those who haven't, here are the details:

    ** 8th scale fibreglass body from MF. It will be fully tubbed with open trunk and doors.

    ** Modified TDR SMC show/contest finished photos Pro Street chassis. Modified IFS and front and center X members, custom
    rack and pinion, scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos drive shaft and pro street style cage.

    ** R/M wheels and tires.

    ** TDR SMC show/contest finished photos blown and carb'd 392 Hemi with rare MT valve covers, very rare GZ bellhousing, 1839
    Lenco and custom front and rear engine plates.

    This has been a long term project. The chassis is very near completion and will be painted and fully detailed soon. Next up is the engine build.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-026-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-027-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-028-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-021-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-022-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-025-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-029-jpg 

  11. Rick's Avatar Member
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    My second entry is this Deuce. It is not in competition. So far, the build is as follows:

    ** R/M roadster body. Shaved door hinges and handles and modified cockpit belt line. Custom 40 Ford dash and Duval style windshield.

    ** R/M fully boxed chassis. Custom X members, modified TDR SMC show/contest finished photos IFS with custom rack and pinion, TDR SMC show/contest finished photos IRS with scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos Kugel style center section.

    ** Powered a TDR SMC show/contest finished photos Jag engine and Muncie style four speed. Engine will be heavily modified.

    ** Chris Garcia steel wire wheels custom built for this model and fitted with R/M tires.

    I've made very little progress and am fighting some suspension gremlins, but its been a fun build so far.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-018-jpg 

  12. Looks like I got done in time!

    Monogram '80 Turbo Trans Am

    Interior with textured seats & carpet, seat belts, sun visors and full headliner.

    Detailed engine complete with plug wires, oil and trans dipsticks, AC plumbing SMC show/contest finished photos , carb pre-heat hose, heat shields, heater hoses, brake lines, air pump diverter valve, textured block, heads and intake, lots of other small details.

    Hand-scored headlight lenses replace the tinted kit parts

    Tire and wheel detail

    Hand-painted the chicken when the decal SMC show/contest finished photos came apart.
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  14. FineModelCars's Avatar Established Member
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    Hello, here is a Hot SMC show/contest finished photos Rod salzsea style! The Basic kit is Revell SMC show/contest finished photos 1/8.
    Greetings Karsten

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  15. The creative explorer's Avatar Established Member
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    Unfortunately, time has not been kind to me. I wish I could've gotten a bit further on the DS, but I stalled. I hope to continue soon though.

    But I do present hereby my work so far and it has been a struggle, with a capital S, this is just such a terrible kit.

    For more pictures; , I don't use the gallery here, sorry about that

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