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    Not sure if I’m eligible but I still wanted to share this. My model is a scale scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos WWI Packard Liberty V12 like the one used in the land speed record car “BABS”. I have an Army Signal Corps Liberty manual with drawings that I enlarged on a copier to scale. I made all my own masters and silicon molds. The parts are cast with “Smooth Cast 305” The data plate was silk screened and the sparkplug clips were photo etched out of .010” brass.
    The Liberty is approx. 17" long, 13" high and 8" wide at the rockers.

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    I previously posted in the wrong place. My entry is a 1907 Fiat F-2 Racer by Pocher in 1/8 scale. It was built using transkits from Model Motorcars SMC show/contest finished photos and Scale Details. There are a few scratch-made replacement parts in the suspension and fuel-delivery system.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-fin1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-f2-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-fin2-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-fiat-mmc3-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-fiat-mmc2-jpg 

  3. Well, it won't be finished in time, but here's my RaTbucket build:

    Nailhead Buick V8 conceals the RC motor & transmission

    DOT slicks carved from dog toys. Really.

    Big honkin' turbo

    Holley carb and Moroso air cleaner. Those letters are less than 1/8 and I'm blind now.

    Tailgate script

    Front wheels & tires

    Overall pic, pre-paint.

    Build thread:
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

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    This '32 Phatom ll Rolls Royce (1/16) is obviously not finished. Its my first of this scale. Had to put it on hold for awhile due to some other commitments. Needless to say, you guys and your work are beyond unbelievable. Anyway...the interior is of kid leather as is the floors and door panels. Each seat is cut in individual pieces to make the pleats. The shocks are also fitted with leather covers. Intentions are to continue with additional detail thruout the build. Hopefully it might eventually be up to par. This thread has definitly inspired me to continue. Good luck to all you guys. You are all winners in my book.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-025-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-040-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-064-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-117-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-057-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-023-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-019-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-079-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-074-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-rolls-boo-039-jpg 
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    The ScaleMotorcars Online Model Car Show & Contest is now closed. All entries are being checked and verified and winner's will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone that participated. Good luck and happy building....

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    The results are in but before the awards are announced, we'd like to make a few comments.

    This was one of the best events ever produced on the SMC website. We thank each of you for your participation and you are all to be commended for the quality of your builds.

    To those of you who entered non automotive builds, we are impressed by what you've built. We assure you, that in the future there will be contests that will include your catagories. Thank you for showing us what you are building!

    We thank our sponsors, in particular TDR SMC show/contest finished photos Innovations (TDR Innovations Home Page), MF Bodies, SMC website, our good friend Whodaky and Don and Rick for their cash awards. We could not have created this contest without your support.

    We must also thank Syd, Jeff and Rick, our three Judges. Each eligible entry was judged on a point system with the awards being determined by the number of points earned. Because there were two ties, the winners were determined by the date of entry. The judges decisions are final.

    It is the winners responsibility to contact the merchandise award providers via site PM and arrange for delivery. Cash award winners must contact Rick via site PM and your awards will be sent via Pay Pal. If you don't have PP, a money order will be sent via snail mail.

    And now............The Winners's!!

    ** Don & Rick $100 Award: Xken's Model T.

    ** TDR SMC show/contest finished photos Merchandise Award: Jorge Eprenwald's Deuce.

    ** MF Merchandise Award: Modeller Chuck's Tyrrell racer.

    ** SMC Merchandise Award: Jpegger's Firebird.

    ** Whodaky Merchandise Award: Ksprotein's Deuce.

    ** Rick's $25 Award: Ozaj for his VW bus.

    ** Rick's $25 Award: Big Dad for his Bat Rod.

    ** Ricks $25 Award: Old Busted Hotness for his Rat Bucket.

    ** Ricks $25 Award: Andy M for his Zaffiro Belleza.

    ** Ricks Best Historical Build Award: Oldschool for his Model A.
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