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  1. Andym's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    [B]il Zaffiro Belleza - The Sapphire Beauty[/B]

    [I]1931 Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Monza Gran Prix Race Car[/I]

    Started with stock Pocher Alfa frame rails, Pocher Alfa Wheels and a Model Motorcars SMC show/contest finished photos Alfa Engine Block. The frame rails were cut and lengthened to accomodate the scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos radiator and the engine block was machined on a mill for the scratch-built aluminum inspection covers.

    The Chassis and Body includes the following scratch-built items: Brass Radiator, Fuel Tank and Oil Tank, Aluminum Dash Board, Firewall, Bulkhead, Driver's Compartment and Transmission Bell Housing Mount, Chassis Cross-Members, Spare Tire Rack, Fully Wired Electrical System, Head Light Stantions, Front and Rear Fender Stantions, Rear Brake Enclosures, Tool Kit, Battery, Cabretta Leather Upholstered Interior, Hand-Sewn Leather Bunting around Cockpit, Front and Rear Shock Mounts, Hood Latch Shackles, LeMans and Full Windscreen Frames with Glass Inserts, Lexan Instrument Covers, Rear Brake Light Lenses and a brass "skeleton" to support the Body displayed off the chassis

    The Engine compartment includes the following scratch-built items: Oil Lines, Fuel Lines, Brake Lines, Water Lines, Cam Lubrication Lines, Steering Rods, Steering Box, Steering Shaft, Water Pump, Distributor, Generator, Starter, Spark Plug Wire Loom, Coffee-Can Coil, Horn Mount, Throttle Advance, Aluminum Intake and Exhaust Headers, Brass Exhaust with custom mounts.

    The following items are fully functional: Throttle Advance, Brakes, Steering, Articulated Windscreens, Leaf Springs, Shock Absorbers, Adjustable Spare Tire Rack

    Build time : 19 Months.

    Build Materials : Brass, Aluminum, Glass, Leather, Styrene SMC show/contest finished photos , Copper, Rubber

    Assembly : The Entire engine and chassis were built mechanically and can be completely disassembled and re-assembled. Glue was used only on the upholstery

    For additional construction and fabrication photos, please click this link :

    For additional finished photos, please click this link :
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-01-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-02-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-03-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-04-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-05-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-06-jpg 
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    Here is a finished Pocher 1/8 scale 1907 Fiat racer finished in historically-accurate colors. This build includes trans-kits and patterns from Model Motorcars SMC show/contest finished photos and Scale Details.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-fin1-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-fin3-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-fiat-mmc1-jpg 

  3. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Sep 2005
    I've been working on this "Termite Candy" build as time allows and obviously will not have it completed by the contest end. So here's my unfinished entry.......

    The chassis and engine are from the 1/12th Lindberg Fiat dragster kit, functional IRS, IFS and steering.

    The stage coach body was fabricated from balsa & bass wood. Wheels etc. are modified parts from various kits.

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  4. creedy's Avatar Member
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    HI Folks
    Here is my entry for the contest. It is a Pocher Alpha that I spent the better part of a year building. The paint was originally mat train paint (to find the vintage color) that I then clear coated and buffed. It has a real leather interior and many upgrades. I have also included shots of the next project a Mercedes 500 and also my current project of a Bugatti.( note the Mercedes has a real mother of pearl SMC show/contest finished photos dash and custom glove leather.
    Note I could only drag my pix into this window not the lower one I hope this works!


  5. bb.coll's Avatar Member
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    Hi everybody! Here I show 1/8 scale model of a Jaguar XK120. Engine and wheels are cast-offs from the Monogram Jaguar XKE kit. The frame consists of brass, the body of fibreglass and epoxy SMC show/contest finished photos resine with inner structures of printed circuit board. Steering and suspension work, but the model finally got so heavy, that is has to be supported by some pieces of acryl.
    The body surely has some faults, but I built it 35 years ago, aided just by some pictures (there was no internet then). It's original was created by shaping a log of dense foam (nowadays known as Styrodur) and covering it with 2k automotive putty SMC show/contest finished photos ( + lots of grinding). Grille and headlight bezels are made out of brass, the bumpers have been "electroplated" in silicone molds using carbonic spray and a copper plating kit. All metall parts bear a coat of nickel.
    Regards from Germany
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-_dsc0003-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-_dsc0008-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-_dsc0010-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-_dsc0017-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-p1020741-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-p1020745-jpg 

  6. topher5150's Avatar Active Member
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    Jan 2011
    This is my Big Deuce kit done up in flat black and ready for racing



  7. whodaky's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Apr 2007
    I know that this 1/18th diecast isn't elible for judging but I will post completed images anyhow!
    Geoff aka whodaky


  8. krow113's Avatar Active Member
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    Nov 2010
    I see the m/c crew is not represented here ,therefore I humbly submit, for your collected approval, my interpretation of the Italeri 1/9 WW2 WLA kit.


  9. jpegger-28's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2010
    I have build a 69er Camaro from Monogram, scale 1/12. Build with Lights and oppening Doors and Hood. Painted in Duplicolor red and white.

    Here the Pic's. Have Fun.

    Fabian Schulz Germany
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  10. jpegger-28's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2010
    Hi Folks

    And here is my big Rod, the '32 Ford from Monogram, Scale 1/8. Restored last Year

    Have Fun

    Have a nice Weekend
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  11. jpegger-28's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2010
    The next one, a big Scale Pontiac Trans Am from Monogram. It's a restored Modell, build last Year.

    befor restauration


    Have a nice Day
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  12. ken82249's Avatar Member
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    32 RAT ROD

    1/8 Monogram 32 HighBoy
    Tamiya SMC show/contest finished photos Paints
    Rust by Sophisticated Finishes
    Over 50 handmade parts
    Z/ED Frame
    1935 working Mercedes headlamps
    Banjo steering wheel-handmade from brass
    Hand-formed brass radiator
    Real Nuts and bolts used in construction
    30 plus years old Pocher wire wheels


  13. kaptain Jack's Avatar Member
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    This is Tamiya SMC show/contest finished photos `s Sherman m4,which I modified into Israeli super Sherman,with longer barrel and counter weight on the turret.The tank is radio controlled with full function unit and sound.For realistic driving I added an inertia devise,which makes acceleration and slowing down smoother,rather then jerky motion of a toy.
    Attached Images Attached Images SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2171-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2173-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2175-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2178-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2180-jpg  SMC show/contest finished photos-img_2181-jpg 

  14. miwi's Avatar Member
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    Here my entry

    1948 Harles Davidson WR

    Scale: 1/9
    Base kit: Harley Davidson WLA
    Modifications: Frame modified, scratch build SMC show/contest finished photos WACO magneto, scratch build SMC show/contest finished photos seats, sractch build chain gear, modified front wheel, modified tank, modilied handle bar

    More pictures here

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  15. OZAJ's Avatar Active Member
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    I guess this would be in the not completed category
    VW kombie with V12 Allison Engine
    Scratch built SMC show/contest finished photos chassis
    Body has been lengthened scale 25mm
    Engine detailed with scale nuts and bolts


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