• DeAgostini

      DeAgostini McLaren For Sale
      Manufacture : DeAGOSTINI JAPAN Model : McLaren 1/8 Scale Specifications Product Complete Dimensions : Appx. W268 x L552mm (W10.6 x L21.7inches) Complete Product Weight : 2.5kg (5.5lbs).
      DeAgostini ZIS 110 For Sale
      Governmental limousine ZIS-110 - the flagship of the garage special purpose servicing the highest state officials Stalin, Mikoyan and Kim Il Sung. His four-ton armored giant, for the first time equipped with air conditioning and a radio. The model of this cult car made in the scale of 1: 8. It has opening doors, swiveling front wheels, glowing lights and working brake lights. The model will surprise you with a lot of moving parts, the original symbols and high quality.
      DeAgostini GAZ M20 Pobeda For Sale
      Car Model M20 "POBEDA" on a scale of 1: 8 - a copy of the legendary car, which for decades have witnessed major historical events in the Soviet era. Scale 1: 8 Length - 582 mm Width - 212 mm Height - 203 mm. 4 opening doors and turn the front wheels. Working front and rear lights. Opening hood, trunk and vents on the front windows. Front and rear lights and brake lights are working on three AAA batteries.
      DeAgostini Lamborghini Countach For Sale
      The model is an incredible, highly detailed 1:8 scale replica of one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. Complete in 24 packs, your model features movable parts including the iconic scissor doors and the bonnet which opens to reveal the engine. The rear wing is finished in the official red and black livery of the LP 500S with the exhaust system which exactly replicates the car’s two sets of twin tailpipes. Pay-as-you-build; every month you will receive all necessary parts and detailed easy-to-follow build instructions in a colour magazine helping you every step of the way.

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