• My way of lacing wheels

      Hello folks,
      this is my method for lacing up wheels:
      First I remove the drum brakes or wheel centers.

      Next thing to do is to drill the holes for the new spokes:

      The old plastic spokes show the way and angle..

      To center the rim and in this case drum brake I make a jig out of sheet with a
      center axle:

      Now to the fun part: the spoking process. The spoke ends are made of brass tube with a diameter of 0.8mm outside and 0.5mm inside. I use another jig for cutting the tube in the right lenght.
      Spokes for 1/8 or 1/9 scale are made of 0.45 mm stainless steel insect pins.
      For smaller scales like 1/12 or even 1/16 I use 0.3mm stainless steel rod and spoke ends out of vinyl tube.

      Here´s a finished wheel for a 1/16 scale Harley Davidson Model F from Aoshima /Entex

      And Yes !the wheel is perfectly centered, it is just the camera angle that makes it look like this..

      Here´s the finished bike:

      rear slicks-40-jpg

      Hope it looks convincing!

      Try It!

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