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      Using the stock Pocher chassis as a measurement reference, I am slowly adding sub-assemblies to the brass chassis. The front chassis cowling is attached first, then brass upper suspension members. Two shims have been added to the brass radiator, then the radiator assembly is attached to the chassis cross-members. Starting at the front of the chassis, I am slowly working rearward- measuring, drilling, tapping, and bolting down parts. The original Pocher chassis didn't encourage proper fitment, and the scratch-built brass chassis requires that I do considerably more work!

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        Mr.Tin -
        You know, any questions about these can always be answered by THE expert...Jim Stokes Workshops in Waterlooville, UK.
        He has one of each at least. Indeed a Monza was being delivered the day I was there. It had just been for testing by Willie Green, who loved it, but trashed the gearbox.
        I was only delivering a V8 Maserati sump for a friend, but Jim gave me the guided tour which included his Alfa 2800 HALF TRACK!!!
        Honestly. It is completely and gorgeously original with its Citroen System tracks on the back. Now what a Pocher chop that would be, eh?
        Google them, I'm sure they'd help.

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        Dougritt -
        Rubber Hits The Road...

        Tires have been mounted to the painted rims. I used the time-tested method of placing the tires in sub-boiling water for about 30 seconds to soften them for installation. I was sure to place a small saucer on the bottom of the pan to avoid burning the tires. It is amazing how the tires transform from hard as Granite to pliable in just a few seconds! The tires were dulled with sandpaper and 0000 steel wool . The treads are still a bit shiny...they will need some more light sanding . Anyone have a nice technique for dulling the area around the embossed logo and text on the sidewall?

        Attachment 18278Attachment 18273Attachment 18272

        The front suspension is minimally assembled for the initial build. The linkages will be added after painting.

        Attachment 18281Attachment 18279Attachment 18268Attachment 18280

        Some views of the rear suspension and differential:

        Attachment 18269Attachment 18274Attachment 18270Attachment 18285Attachment 18284

        Many thanks to the fellows who did research into the Muletto's parts and upgrades. I have decided to display the car as a chassis with the tank in place, with the body on lifts to the side. I would like to fully wire the chassis- can anyone help with wiring diagrams?

        Attachment 18271Attachment 18283Attachment 18282Attachment 18277Attachment 18276
        Attachment 18275
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        Ton -
        Great looking wheels and tyres. wiring scheme?? Don't know if the Simon Moore books say anything about it.
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        Seags -
        Just cottoned on to this thread...fantastic!
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        RonOC -
        Have you wandered around in scalecargarage.com?

        Tons of photos of a Pocher Alfa build.

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        46SuperDeluxe -
        This is the first that I have seen of this wonderful thread...,great build! I would like to make a comment that I don't think was mentioned. When you are making "antiquing" washes with slow drying oil paint and linseed oil, you may use a SMALL bit of Japan Dryer to your mix to speed things up a bit. Available in small jars at art supply stores, or quart cans at hardware stores.
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        Dougritt -
        I have never heard of such a thing...Japan Dryer! I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.Doug
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        Dougritt -
        New Shoes!

        The standard Pocher Monza kit included the street tires (oddly), but since this is a short-chassis racing build, the Corsa tires are a must. These racing tires will replace them.

        Attachment 19314

        Firewall Modification

        The full scale prototype has cowling formed from aluminum and the sheet material has been rolled around the edge. To better represent this, I am creating the cowling from brass sheet (a bit more sturdy than aluminum in this scale). Using the original plastic part as a template, the brass sheet is cut slightly larger. The brass is annealed with a blow torch; it becomes a darker color at the proper temperature.. The material becomes a bit more malleable after the treatment. I then used the edge of a wood block to slowly form the rolled edge. The vents still need to be punched, but I will need to make a tool first.

        Attachment 19325Attachment 19327Attachment 19328Attachment 19326Attachment 19324Attachment 19329
        Attachment 19330

        Firewall and Control Panel Modification

        Andy Marks did a fine job on his Alpha display chassis (viewable at www.scalecargarage.com ). My firewall assembly construction resembles his. The firewall is trimmed to fit into the body so it better resembles the prototype construction. The firewall is clad with aluminum and bolted into place. Small aluminum feet have been bolted to the underside; the firewall will be bolted onto the chassis.

        Attachment 19310Attachment 19317Attachment 19320Attachment 19318Attachment 19319Attachment 19323
        Attachment 19322

        Control Panel Support Structure Construction

        The plastic Pocher control panel support is recreated in brass and the structure members are soldered into place.

        Attachment 19311Attachment 19312Attachment 19313Attachment 19315Attachment 19316Attachment 19321
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        Dougritt -
        Aluminum Floor Construction

        The Alfa Monza Racer has a floor fabricated from Aluminum, so this 1/8th Alfa will have Bauxite as well! I have purchased a very nice stainless etch kit which covers the Pocher plastic floor. This kit is made in Germany by Tremonia, and is available on eBay. A few associated parts are thrown into the etch kit, such as pedal covers, shifter trim, and assorted metal straps. This kit is very impressive and even includes miniature rivets for an amazing scale appearance.

        Attachment 19536Attachment 19537Attachment 19535

        Since this Alfa will be a display chassis, the bottom of the floor is clad with sheet Aluminum, trim is added to the joints, and scale bolts hold the parts together.

        Attachment 19530Attachment 19532Attachment 19529Attachment 19524Attachment 19528Attachment 19531Attachment 19527

        Here is a view from under the chassis:

        Attachment 19534Attachment 19533

        Next, the Stainless etched parts are test fit:

        Attachment 19525Attachment 19526

        I am still working out the details of mounting the floor and firewall assembly...
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        Ton -
        A Joy to see this build Doug!
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        Dougritt -

        Firewall & Flooring Finale!

        Again I have used the original Pocher part as a structural member to allow the use of actual materials from the prototype. The Pocher floor is sandwiched between the stainless steel upper surface and the aluminum lower surface. The plastic part is a very nice substrate, since it holds threaded bolts securely.

        Pedal slots are cut in the aluminum...

        Attachment 19592Attachment 19593

        ...which match the pedal slots in the stainless steel. Miniature rivets add very nice detail to the upper surfaces.

        Attachment 19594Attachment 19595Attachment 19590

        The original floor was attached to the chassis with tabs. I removed the tabs and added aluminum flanges which will bolt to the chassis.

        Attachment 19591Attachment 19587Attachment 19589Attachment 19588
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        Dougritt -
        Designing & Building Internal Alfa Tanks

        There seems to be little or no documentation on the construction of the Alfa 8C Monza gas tank. I found this image from the book "Alfa Romeo Argentina," of a later Alfa racer and have made the assumption that the construction of the 8C gas tank is very similar; inner tanks are skinned with aluminum and a small tail cone.

        Attachment 19755

        Using SolidWorks, I have modeled the Pocher rear fuselage in 3D and then the internal tanks (this insures that the internal tanks will fit into the body.) The tanks are plotted to scale and templates made for creating the tanks (I can post these if there is any interest.) Since two tanks were nested into the rear section of the Argentina racer, I am assuming the same for the Monza. The front and rear profiles of both tanks are soldered with a support beam between them, then the brass skin is wrapped around the profiles and soldered. A bottom cap was cut and folded for both tanks.

        Attachment 19749Attachment 19753

        Here is the assembly:

        Attachment 19744Attachment 19745Attachment 19746Attachment 19747Attachment 19750

        Transparent tape is applied to the tanks, then the positions of the rivets are marked with a Sharpie pen.

        Attachment 19751

        Small brads are used to simulate rivets. They will be sanded to a lower profile before final mounting.

        Attachment 19743Attachment 19748Attachment 19752Attachment 19754

        Next I will mount the tanks into the chassis and add spouts.
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        Ton -
        Awesome Job Doug!
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        Dougritt -
        Installation of the Fuel Tanks

        The tanks are joined together with a brazed angle...this allows the two tanks to maintain a gap between them as on the 1:1 inner tanks.

        Attachment 19833Attachment 19834

        A three-point mounting system is being used- one contact on the rear chassis tube, two on the square member at the fore end of the tanks.

        Attachment 19836Attachment 19829Attachment 19837Attachment 19827

        The outer skin fits over the tanks...see the tanks peeking out from underneath!

        Attachment 19831Attachment 19835

        Some overall views of the chassis:

        Attachment 19828Attachment 19830Attachment 19832
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        Ton -
        She is getting more beautiful every day!
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        Dougritt -
        Thanks for the encouragement Ton. I think you may be the last person following this thread!

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        RonOC -
        Not true, Doug.

        Some of us follow in silence.

        Thanks for sharing your work.

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        Quote Originally Posted by RonOC View Post
        Not true, Doug.

        Some of us follow in silence.

        Thanks for sharing your work.

        Absolutely! This is one of my favorite threads here.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Dougritt View Post
        Thanks for the encouragement Ton. I think you may be the last person following this thread!

        I know that feeling Doug ....but the view count always shows the opposite
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        We are the silent majority Doug.
        We are with ya all the way.
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